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The MAC- Edmond

The Multipurpose Activity Center (MAC) houses an expanded Senior Citizen's Center, Parks Administration offices, community meeting rooms, an outdoor amphitheater & recreation programs.

The MAC is adjacent to Mitch Park, 133 acres featuring play grounds, trails, basketball courts, picnic tables and more. 

Summer Camps 2023

  • Purple Wand: May 30th- June 2nd 1pm-4pm

  • Green Wand: June 20th-23rd 1pm-4pm

  • Blue Wand: July 17th- July 21st 1pm-4pm

  • Orange Wand: July 31st- Aug 4th 1pm-4pm

for elementary school ages 7-12

Magic Explorer's

for the younger kids ages 4-6

  • May 30th- June 2nd 9am-12pm

  • June 20th-23rd 9am-12pm

  • July 17th- July 21st  9am-12pm

  • July 31st- Aug 4th 9am-12pm

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